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“Ontarians want their MPPs to listen to them, they want them to represent their riding's views at Queen's Park, not the party's views back to the riding.  Enter Consensus Ontario...!

CONSENSUS ONTARIO = Party-less Politics. ”

Brad Harness, Leader, 

Consensus Ontario

See What People Are Saying:

"Consensus Ontario's party-less politics is an idea whose time has come!"

Calling All Ontarians Who Long For Real Change!

We invite new members and new candidates to join us.  Persons interested in this bold & fresh idea for Ontario politics & government - and who would like to run as the Consensus Ontario candidate in their riding in the June 2022 election - should contact us at [email protected] before 1 May 2022.


If you like the sound of Party-less Politics & Consensus Government, then help make it happen...Thank you!

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Consensus Ontario will be successful only through the outreach efforts by our candidates in your ridings right across Ontario.  Those efforts are now underway.  Join today to help bring about Party-less Politics!

What our candidates are saying:

Consensus Ontario candidates responds to the recent announcement of License Plate sticker refunds

15 March 2022

Recently the provincial government announced that Ontarians will be eligible to receive a refund on their license plate stickers as far back as March 2020.

“Announced a few months ahead of the next provincial election, Doug Ford's ploy is so obviously a move to buy votes that it should be called out as such. While we all like paying less and getting money back from the government, these funds are meant to maintain Ontario's highways. Without them, our roads will have more potholes and be less safe. Additionally, the government is mired in red ink and has no money to give back to Ontarians. This is clearly borrowed money, further increasing Ontario's huge debt." says Brad Harness, Consensus Ontario candidate for London-West.

A party-less form of government, a Consensus Government, is based on what the people of the province, and not a political party, want.

“Every elected MPP should be contacting random voters in their Ontario ridings to ascertain their priorities on this important matter,” says Damian Williams, Consensus Ontario candidate for Pickering-Uxbridge, of the license plate sticker refund.  The Ontario provincial election is 2 June 2022.

"Ontario need not be stuck with a party-based political system from the 1840s.  

It doesn't work well...we have another choice, a party-less system, a tried and true Canadian way, a better way - called CONSENSUS government!  That IS Ontario's future."

Brad Harness, Leader