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If it is the logical way ahead for provincial legislatures, then it is equally the right way forward for federal politics in Canada

Consensus Canada launched

25 June 2018

Consensus Ontario's board of directors passed a motion on 25 June 2018 to launch a federal version of the party. It will be called CONSENSUS CANADA.  At this moment the party is an unregistered Canadian political party.  It is headed up for now by the Consensus Ontario leadership and organizers.

We are now accepting applications for membership from across Canada.  We will begin our organizing efforts in the 10 ridings where we ran provincial candidates in Ontario, as well as 8 ridings in Quebec (in Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Rimouski, Chicoutimi, Drummondville), and 2 ridings in each of the other provinces, plus 1 candidate in each of the northern territories.

If you are interested in joining CONSENSUS CANADA use the form on this website for now to contact our party organizers or contact us at 519-293-1095.