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Regarding Consensus Ontario Annual Voter Survey: 

"Common sense in politics. Its been a long time in coming." 

~ Michale Pinkerton

Regarding Voters Who Complain: 

"The people have to stop and think most of them do not get out and vote because they are fed up, but if you don't vote then you have no basis to complain so make sure we all get out and vote." ~ Patricia Van Altena

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Regarding Ontario Municipal Board: 

"It should have no say at all. They say yes to everything. Including a very noisy car wash that should not be existing. They would not allow the town to see the results. CORRUPT!!"

 ~ Louise Young

Regarding the Liberals Balancing the Budget: 

"The biggest misconception yet. The so called balanced budget is a liberal shell game. The latest little spending spree they tried to hide, Canadian goose jackets for staff, each coat (1000.dollars) total cost over 54000.dollars. still racking up debt." 

~ Frances Campbell-Bruce

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Regarding Green Energy: 

"The obvious answer, the one no one wants to talk about, is stopping costly and ineffective Wind and Solar contracts. Panels on individual homes could stay, but industrial scale Wind and Solar are not sustainable. Instead of facing the problem, Ontario is sweeping it under the rug with a one-time fire sale of Hydro One..." ~ Richard Mann

Regarding Government Subsidies to Big Business:

"It is about time government's everywhere made it loans, not grants, which should be paid back out of profits." ~ Pauline Dalby 

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Regarding Rural and Small School Closures: 

"One school system."~ Scott Ladoucier

High Cost of Toronto Housing: 

"Tax their arses. They contribute nothing to society, except Kathleen Wynne's land tranfer tax! As an almost paid-up Conservative she could be making so much more money off them with a monthly vacancy tax of a couple of thousand for each unit!" 

~ Pauline Dalby