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Making policy from your priorities = More responsive government for all!

All other parties in Ontario create policies that call for things to be the way they want them to be.  But with Consensus Ontario it is different: Our view is that our policies should be based on those things you, the voter, actually want done.  If the majority want "X", then we as a party should deliver "X" to you once we are in power, and work towards it when we are not yet in power.  

Check out some of the policy discussions below that arose from the 2016, 2017 & 2018

Riding Priorities Surveys we conducted.

Lower Costs For Electricity

We all know it costs money to generate and deliver electricity to our homes and workplaces.  But it should be reasonably priced and predictably priced.  

Voters tell us they would prefer a single average flat rate for electricity rather than the Smart Meter System.

There are ways to produce cheaper electricity, to produce it close to the user, to maintain a mix of generating assets while allowing for localization.

We also hear Ontarians want public sector and Crown Corporation executives to be paid more reasonably, and to that end, we propose a salary & compensation cap for senior executives at a rate no higher than that of the Ontario Premier.

Better Health Care

Every single one of us needs a doctor at some point.  She/he is the access point for Ontario's health care system.  It is important that we all have family doctors.  Voters tell us they agree.

We would expand the accreditation programme for foreign-trained family doctors.  We would also hire all future medical students as employees of the Ministry of Health for their training period and for their initial tuition payback period, during which time they'd be required to serve where needed, as military doctors are required to do. In exchange, they would graduate without debt.  After the payback period they would be free to relocate and work as  independent medical doctors and be paid accordingly. They could remain on salary if they prefer.

Smart Health Care also means preventative health care.  We hear Ontarians would like things like eye doctors and dentists to be covered by the province as a free and sensible step to prevent worse medical conditions down the road.  We agree.

Post-Secondary Educations That Help You Get Jobs

Ontario's young people along with those retraining, often turn to our fine family of universities and community colleges for professional education and skills training.  Yet costs are spiraling out of control.  Many students graduate with major debt, others end up unemployable due to the programmes they have chosen.  BA grads flipping burgers is no future.  There needs to be a system put in place to better aim undergrad students at available work opportunities.

We hear that the system needs to be improved and we propose streamlining these two types of post-secondary institutions so that public dollars are there to fund universities for professional and academic programmes, and colleges for skills training, apprenticeships and diploma programmes.  There should be no overlap in the offerings at universities and colleges.

Transportation & Transit

Transportation keeps us all moving, and keeps the Ontario economy on the go.  Bottlenecks, traffic jams and low speeds mean things grind to a halt at times.

We hear that you want the highway and transit networks improved and we are working on policies to do just that!

400-series highways should be under the Ministry of Transportation's ownership and control and to that end we would propose that the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway become provincial highways and under the spending power of the province, not the City of Toronto.

Other people tell us they like the idea of high-speed rail in Ontario.  We agree and would further add that given that 50% of all Hwy. 401 traffic is "through traffic" from Cornwall to Windsor, it would make sense to add this freight to the high-speed rail to ensure this expensive transportation asset can pay for itself.

Government Spending

The Province of Ontario has the worst debt of any province or state in the world.  That's because for many years, governments at Queen's Park spent more than they had.  To fund it they borrowed the money.  We hear that you do not think this is a sensible plan for the future.  We propose balancing the province's budgets within a 4-year term of government.  This would ensure that the province's finances are no worse off and likely better after a 4-year Consensus Ontario government. We also propose a review of every government spending item and programme to see whether it is still needed, still relevant, and is cost-effective.  We have seen this done at the federal level with the Chretien government and believe savings in the order of 10% of the overall budget are possible.  That would allow the budget to become balanced, as well as begin a regular strategy of small annual payments towards paying off the provincial debt - the first time that has been done in a generation.

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Job Creation

We hear you when you say there are not enough jobs out there.  The reality is that in some parts of Ontario, jobs are in short supply, while in others, there is a labour shortage.

We propose a two-part Jobs Strategy that would see areas where labour is missing matched with workers missing jobs in areas of higher unemployment.

We also propose a Job Creation Grant that would see one new job per business created and maintained through a declining grant.  This will create more than 250,000 jobs annually.

We hear that you do not believe government should invest large amounts of your tax dollars into any single business simply to gamble that it will stay in operation.  We agree and such investments will end, with the money redirected to the Job Creation Grant.

Better Elementary & Secondary Education

The number of school children is dropping as our population ages.  Schools are losing students and along with it, teachers and courses.  Newcomers are needed to fix this.

We hear that those in rural and small schools need those schools to remain in order to attract newcomers and new businesses that create jobs locally.  To that end we propose a different funding formula for small and rural schools.

We also propose a complete overhaul of the Ontario School Curriculum including revising areas parents are unhappy with, including how topics like math and sex ed are delivered.

We also agree that a later start to the high school day would yield better results, and that a ban on smartphones in the classroom would also improve learning outcomes.  Leave those phones in those lockers.

Filling Ontario's Labour Needs Through Smarter Immigration

Immigration built this province.  It has been a part of our history since Day One.  We hear that you agree - and like seeing new immigrants choose to make Ontario their new home.  We also hear that there is a problem allowing immigrants to settle where ever they like.  Half of all immigrants to Canada come to Ontario and half of those come to Toronto.  Toronto bears a unfair share of housing, language training, entry level job provision burdens.  And that environment is not ideal for people improving their second-language, something they require to flourish here.  We also hear there is unhappiness with letting in immigrants with no abilities in either of our Official Languages.  We propose that Ontario takes on greater control of its immigration (so act similar to Quebec), including increasing the numbers coming here, requiring fluency in English or French before applying to come here, and agreeing to settle where the Ontario economy needs them to settle - for their initial 3 years in the province (during which they qualify for Canadian Citizenship).  After that period of cultural learning and standing on their feet in our lovely province, they would be free to relocate where ever they wanted.

Boosting Agriculture

Farming is BIG here in Ontario!  Take a drive outside Toronto - north, west or east - and you'll see what we mean.  Farming is a HUGE part of our economy, and Ontario is Canada's leading agricultural producer.  As just one example: Huron County (if it were a province) would be Canada's 4th largest agricultural producer!

We hear about the challenges farmers are facing including lack of labour to hire, local schools closing due to rural depopulation, farm severance issues, a need for natural gas expansion, and so on.  We propose to address all of those areas - and more - with practical solutions to our give Agri-sector a boost.

Further, rural municipalities would benefit greatly by being given back complete planning control.

What our readers are saying lately...

I was referred to your website by a friend, and I really like what I've read so far.  I want to help Consensus Ontario as a volunteer in my riding so we can run a candidate and get her elected next time round.

Brenda Jones, Central Ontario voter