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CONSENSUS ONTARIO candidates for the 2018 provincial election

An ongoing series of informational entries

Kevin Brault - - NICKEL BELT

10 May 2018

Kevin Brault is running to become the next MPP for Nickel Belt.  Kevin, proud Franco-Ontarian and lifelong resident of Valley East here in Nickel Belt is running to be your next MPP because Ontario, more than ever, needs to break with partisan political games. Mr. Brault believes in better representative democracy with a focus on policy and the public interest, not slogans and photo-ops. The three parties have long abandoned us, its time we do the same.

Kevin Brault has spent the last decade serving the public at Laurentian University, and he’s looking to serve a broader section of the public, bringing about positive change for his neighbours. The only effective government is one that engages in clear and continued consultation between the electorate and the elected, this is the only way the public can establish the priorities of Queen’s Park.  Kevin Brault is seeking to be Nickel Belt’s advocate, not only a voice in the legislature, but open ears here at home. 

Kevin's phone number is 705-593-2613

Kevin's email address is [email protected]

Janice Kaikkonen - - BRUCE-GREY-OWEN SOUND

10 May 2018

Party President Jan Kaikkonen is running to become the next MPP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. 

Janice Kaikkonen is completing a doctorate in Biblical Theology. Academically, she holds a Master of Arts in Island Studies. Her specializations are in Public Administration, Economic Development, Law, and Public Policy. Janice's published thesis focused on Taiwan's quest for recognized independence. She holds a Bachelors degree (Honours) in both English and Political Science. Professionally, she served as the Community Development Coordinator for Canadian Blood Services, was a contributing member of the Supply Chain Management Sector Council for six years, and has taught in both universities and private colleges. At one point, she established a successful transportation service for disabled adults, and a summer day camp for children aged 2-14. Right now, Janice is developing an accredited diploma program for adults interested in learning more about Biblical foundations and discipleship. She writes a daily blog which has attracted an extensive following internationally and regularly makes presentations to conference audiences. She is married to the love of her life, Reima. Combined, Reima and Janice have 7 children and 16 grandchildren. They reside on a farm in Southgate Township. 

Janice's phone number is 519-604-8900

Janice's email is [email protected] 

Brad Harness - - LONDON-WEST

10 May 2018

Party Leader Brad Harness is running to become the next MPP for London-West.  Brad HARNESS is a resident of LONDON-WEST in Old South. He’s married, has two adult sons, and has owned and operated a smaller publishing business and a property rental business for the past 22 years. Before  that, Brad enjoyed a 20-year career as a naval officer. 

Brad HARNESS is running to be your next MPP at Queen’s Park because he believes the political system in Ontario is broken but can and should be fixed to better represent you, the voter. He is also the founder and first leader of the new CONSENSUS ONTARIO party.

Brad speaks English and French along with some Mandarin and Spanish. His hobbies include painting and creative writing, sailing and cycling. He has been involved in volunteer work and minor sports coaching. Brad HARNESS is a strong communicator and organizer, and will be the best MPP you’ve ever had in LONDON-WEST.

Brad's phone number is 519-851-2041

Brad's email is [email protected]

Mila Chavez Wong - - SUDBURY

10 May 2018

Mila Chavez Wong is running to become the next MPP for Sudbury.  Mila lives in the riding.  Chavez Wong possess a wealth of experience and strong values on human rights, equality, common sense and is resolute in all that she champions. She has also been member of all the three political parties with each competing party platforms. She was a two-time PC Sudbury Candidate for the provincial elections.  Mila, a Registered Nurse, a former Ontario Human Rights Officer, served as a municipal councillor, a qualified mediator & arbitrator and works for individuals with developmental disabilities. She is a champion and a crusader against inequality and abuse on vulnerable individuals and seniors.  As such, she brings a compassionate attitude, genuine empathy, Do no Harm philosophy, as well as proven interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills, to the political realm.  Mila, open minded and frank, got involved with Consensus Ontario because we simply ask: “… who will faithfully represent the majority view in our riding, issue by issue?” 

Mila's phone number is  705-691-0168

Mila's email address is [email protected] 

Stephen McKendrick - - DUFFERIN-CALEDON

10 May 2018

Stephen McKendrick is running to become the next MPP for Dufferin-Caledon. "I come from Scottish heritage. Both my parents came to Canada as immigrants in the 1950's. As a child, I lived in Albion Hills, attending Palgrave Elementary School. Later, my family relocated to Bolton, and then, several years later to PEI. There, I fished commercially for 8 years. I moved back to Ontario when the number of federal bureaucrats regulating 2,000 fishermen outnumbered us 3 to 1. I knew then it was time to hang up my rubber boots. Since returning to Ontario, I have lived on a farm in East Garafraxa for the last 24 years. Professionally, I operated a general contracting business in the Town of Bolton for 27 years, with over 20,000 jobs successfully completed. For the majority of my life, I have lived in Dufferin Caledon. I am a business operator in this district. I am married -- 51 years old. I am the proud father of 6 children and 7 grandchildren. I love it here but I see the same economic decline happening as I once did in PEI. This is not right. If a democratic society is hinged on governments, then those same governments need to be accountable and transparent to the people who elect them. I remember what Ronald Reagan once jokingly said, "I am from Government and I am here to help!" Is this what we want for our future? As the scripture states, it's at times like this that God winked."


Stephen's phone number is 647-907-4138

Stephen's campaign email is [email protected]


10 May 2018

Charles "Chuck" MacMillan is running to become the next MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock.  Chuck MacMILLAN lives in Lindsay. He has a son and a daughter, one married and the other in university.  Chuck was born in Oshawa and later moved to Peterborough where he finished high school. His self-reliance saw him own and operate a landscaping business out of high school. Since then, Chuck has worked in the education sector for more than 30 years, as a chief custodian for 15 years and in the accounting department for 15 years. Chuck went back to college and graduated with a diploma in Business Accounting and a Human Resources Certificate.  

Chuck MacMILLAN is running to be your next MPP at Queen’s Park because he believes the political system in Ontario is broken but can and should be fixed to better represent you, the voter.

Having developed a love of hockey in his junior hockey years, he has gone on to volunteer in hockey as a coach and volunteer in other sports like soccer and baseball. Chuck has held adminstrative positions in minor sports including as president, secretary treasurer, and ice scheduler. Furthermore, he has refereed hockey in the OMHA for 30 years and held the position of supervisor of referees for 10 years. He is also a volunteer with the United Way.

Displaying industry, honesty, forthrightness and integrity – CHUCK MacMILLAN will be the best MPP that HALIBURTON-KAWARTHA LAKES-BROCK has ever seen.

Chuck's phone number is 705-872-1167

Chuck's email is [email protected]


10 May 2018

Dr. Dan Holt Ph.D. is running to become the next MPP for Kitchener-Conestoga.  Dan lives in the riding and recently retired from a career as a university professor.  He joined CONSENSUS ONTARIO in 2018. Dan ran in the municipal election in 2014 and sees the numerous benefits of a non-partisan political system, under CONSENSUS ONTARIO.

Dan is married to Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University. Dan's education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts, teaching certificate for K-12 in art from University of Oklahoma; a Master of Education from University of West Georgia, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Purdue University.

Dan has lived in Elmira since 2008 when he purchased his home.   He is a retired university professor.  He became citizen of Canada in 2014.

Dan's community involvement includes:

Woolwich Counselling Centre in Elmira. Past-Board of Directors Community Care Concepts. Past VP, President, & Past President Board of Directors Woolwich Township member of the Property Standards committee. Chair of citizens opposing construction of the bio-en recycling centre in Elmira.  Appointed by Waterloo Regional Chair as member of the Waterloo Region committee to review compensation packages for Regional Council members.  Member of Elmira Community Theatre. Volunteer work plus performed in two mini-plays at ETC and one major play: “Too Many Cooks”.

Member of the Sulco/CCC Citizens Advisory Panel; Member of the Responsible Care Review committee for Sulco/CCC Chemical Plants in Ontario which determined recertification qualifications.  Chair, Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (of Council)

Member of the Responsible Care Review committee for Chemtura Chemical Plants

in Ontario which determined recertification qualifications. Volunteer at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival and a Volunteer at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Dan has also been a participant in various regional art shows.

Dan's phone number is 519-210-2121

Dan's email address is [email protected]

Paul McKendrick - - PERTH-WELLINGTON

10 May 2018

Paul McKendrick is running to become the next MPP for Perth-Wellington. Married to Donna, together they have three adult daughters.  "I believe in family. I am very involved in my Arthur church community. For most of my life, I have worked in the construction and housing renovation sector. I have witnessed firsthand significant increases in legislation and taxes that have contributed to my costs of doing business. Listening to constituents in Perth Wellington, I have heard the same concerns expressed by other small business owners. Coupled with poor electoral representation and government overreach, I cannot in all good conscience allow this to continue for another four years. Our children and grandchildren deserve much better. It is for this reason that I have chosen to run as a candidate for Perth Wellington under the Consensus Ontario banner."

Paul's phone number is 519-216-7034

Paul's email is [email protected]

Peter Rusin - - BURLINGTON

10 May 2018

Peter is running for MPP to represent those people who are seeking an option to the current party governance structure in the province. Peter believes independent thinking and protection of rights for each individual have become suppressed by the current climate of political correctness and extreme party policy agendas. His hope is that everyone can better exercise their freedoms and be able to enjoy the benefits of having less government imposition in their lives by voting for Consensus Ontario; a form of government directed by the people and not as dictated by established party ideologues.  

Peter feels that the current tax burdens, planned deficits and record levels of debt, are unjustly choking the life out of the economic health across the province, and stressing families. He wants to instill a philosophy into government and civil servant representatives that people need to be served in a humble manner, and believes that together with an empowered voter system free of traditional party affiliation, will result in a higher quality of life for all Ontarians. Peter will also bring Transparency and Accountability back to the table to ensure government is responsible and strong.

Peter says the collapse of the provincial Liberal party in 2018 is a good thing, and that it will help to free individuals and bring back confidence to the collective spirit of a more effective democracy. The current political climate is toxic and needs a cleansing. He also wants Burlington voters to be able to set their own course addressing local issues, including making affordable housing a top priority. Peter believes the Burlington riding deserves a stronger and independent voice.

Peter is married with 3 children and is a professional commercial realtor who specializes in expropriation related matters and works on major public transportation infrastructure projects across southern Ontario and the GTHA. In his spare time Peter enjoys cruising with his dog Pepper in a two door 707 horsepower Hellcat, sending a message to all the left wing extremists that life can be more fun when freed of excessive political ideology.

Peter's phone number is 905-599-6661 (cell)

Peter's email is [email protected]

Scott Aitchison - - HUMBER RIVER-BLACK CREEK, Toronto

10 May 2018

Scott Aitchison is running to become the next MPP for Humber River-Black Creek. Scott lives in the riding and ran for municipal council in 2014.  He joined CONSENSUS ONTARIO in 2018.  He wants to see Ontario governed better in a more responsive way for Ontarians.  

Licensed Automotive technician at age 21, Scott ran a successful family business for 25 years.  He moved to Canadian Tire as service adviser, where he was promoted to assistant manager within 2 years.  Five years later Scott moved up again, this time to service manager. He also assisted in new store openings.  Scott  is a Blue Jays fan and also enjoys boating.

Scott's phone number is 416-749-2545

Scott's email is [email protected]