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Become A Member of Consensus Ontario

Membership in Consensus Ontario helps us grow and gain credibility.  

It also means you join our family, and share and contribute to the development of this new force for change in Ontario.

Memberships are for a 2-year term.  They are free.

One membership covers all of the members in a household who wish to join.  We do need all of their names, however, for our records.

***Be sure to email [email protected] with your membership details including additional names for a family membership. Be sure to include your full mailing address as well as the names of all of the voters in your household 16 years of age and older whom you wish to be registered as Consensus Ontario members.

New members/households will receive a welcome letter and membership card (s).

Membership entitles you to:

a. participate in our annual priority surveys;

b. do volunteer work for the association to organize your riding;

c. nominate your riding's Consensus Ontario candidate;

d. help develop our policy from priorities identified; and,

e. received our newsletter each season.

Consensus Ontario 2-year Membership