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Association Governance

Consensus Ontario started life as a public affairs think-tank in 2016.   In 2018 it became a registered Ontario provincial party.  It reverted back to a public affairs think tank association in Spring 2019, and is working towards re-registering as a provincial party for 2021. We need your help to register so be sure to print off, sign, and mail to us the Petition Form on the About Us page today - Thanks!  

We are governed by our Founding Principles (see separate web page).  We are fully affiliated with CONSENSUS CANADA.

CONSENSUS ONTARIO is governed by a Board of Directors who meet monthly.  Day-to-day operations are managed by the Executive Committee (which outside of election periods meets monthly):

Association Executive Director Brad Harness 

Director of Finance Michael Hutton 

Director of Membership Hong Chen 

Director of Candidate Recruitment David Chirko 

Director of Policy & Voter Survey Director Ron Patava

Director of Fund-Raising Kelly Barnes

Director of Communications Brad Harness

Association Social Media Manager Rob McMenemy

Director of Outreach & Election Readiness Paul Plumb