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Consensus Ontario was created because Ontario has problems...

As Ontario residents and taxpayers, we all realize that nothing is perfect.  Certainly problems exist on many fronts.  But we do have the hope and expectation that those problems will begin to be fixed, right?  

And yet, problems in how the Province of Ontario is run have been around for decades.  They're not new - many politicians and political parties have promised to fix them.  The three main parties (Liberal, PC, and NDP) have all had their turn in government... But they haven't ended up fixing these problems, and now those problems are getting worse. They  include pretty much all areas the province is responsible for, including health, education, long-term care, transportation, energy, agriculture, labour, natural resources, northern development, mining, forestry, etc.

CONSENSUS ONTARIO was founded in 2016 to solve the conundrum voters are confronted with: How do we vote for someone as MPP and still get our local riding's wants and needs paid attention to, in a party-based political system?  Short answer is that only the removal of all political parties will solve the poor representation individual ridings and, in fact, the entire province suffers under.

CONSENSUS ONTARIO ran 10 test candidates in the 2018 provincial election, placing an impressive 9th out of 28 political parties on their first try. Voter feedback during that election campaign was very positive, and convinced us to try again in a larger and more focused way, in the next election held on 2 June 2022.

CONSENSUS ONTARIO is governed by a board of directors who meet monthly.  Directors are volunteers who head up committees of other volunteers working on things such as Outreach, Communications, Election Readiness, Candidate Recruitment, Fund-Raising & Policy Development (pertaining to the implementation of Consensus Government in Ontario).

The Leader of CONSENSUS ONTARIO is Brad Harness of London.  Brad has headed up the party since 2016 and ran as a candidate in London-West in 2018 & 2022.  Educated at McMaster University and Sheridan College, his career has included two decades as a naval officer, followed by 27 years as a journalist and CEO of his own company, involved in publishing, retail and property rentals. Brad's goals have always been to improve things over time and to reach decisions wherever possible through consensus.  He and his partner have married adult children and their first grandchildren...and Brad is, therefore, determined to leave Ontario and Canada better than he found it! 


"Government shouldn't be telling voters what to do...Rather, it should be asking voters what they want done, and then doing those things first - before any party pet projects."

Brad Harness,