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Consensus Ontario was created because Ontario has problems...

As Ontario residents and taxpayers, we all realize that nothing is perfect.  Certainly problems exist on many fronts.  But we do have the hope and expectation that those problems will begin to be fixed, right?  

And yet, problems in how the Province of Ontario is run have been around for decades.  They're not new - many politicians and political parties have promised to fix them.  The three main parties (Liberal, PC, and NDP) have all had their turn in government... But they haven't ended up fixing these problems, and now those problems are getting worse.  They  include:

a.  Politicians who don't listen to you, the voter and taxpayer - rather, they tell you what is important to them;

b. Soaring electricity rates & nonsensical energy policies;

c. Spiraling health care costs and increasing wait-times for medical procedures;

d. Education policies & curriculum changes that many voters don't support;

e. Transportation issues including highways & urban transit; 

f. Struggling industries and low job creation numbers;

g. Short-sighted agricultural & rural policies;

h. A lack of affordable housing for lower - and now middle - income Ontarians;

i. A property tax system that doesn't work well and isn't fair to all.

j. Stubbornly high welfare numbers & a lack of participation in the economy by recipients;

k. The need to share the Benefits of Immigration across all of Ontario;

l. High taxes & Huge Provincial Debt

CONSENSUS ONTARIO is working towards re-registering as a provincial party for 2021. We need your help to register so be sure to print off, sign, and mail to us the Petition Form on the PETITION FORM page today - Thanks!