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Brad Harness,

London West

A proud veteran, where he served as a naval officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, London West candidate Brad Harness carried the Consensus Ontario into the 2018 provincial election and is proud to do so again on June 2. He holds a Degree in Social Sciences and Diplomas in Small Business Management and Graphic Design. The best way in which to describe Brad is that he is a well-rounded, self-made man who continues to improve both himself and his fellow Canadians each and every day. He is a successful businessman in both publishing and retail and is an accomplished artist and a amateur musician. Brad’s first career was as a navigation and watchkeeping officer in the navy and he had the opportunity to work in the nation’s capital.

“I spent six years working in Ottawa and got a profound grasp on how dysfunctional government can be,” says Brad who is bilingual.

He has been involved in politics for decades and is the founder and Leader of Consensus Ontario and Consensus Canada. Brad believes strongly in the motto – Party-less politics.

He & his wife have 3 adult sons and 2 grandchildren.  Brad's volunteer work has included minor sports, local heritage, local government, the Rotary Club, and charity work. 

For more information, contact Brad Harness at [email protected]

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Ron Patava

Wellington-Halton Hills

A long-time volunteer with youth sports organizations, candidate Ron Patava is a member of the Board of Directors of Consensus Ontario and serves as Party President. His combination of education and extensive professional career where he was in numerous management roles with CIBC, Rogers Communication and Manulife, equals success.

“I am a life-long learner and was taught many core values such as the importance of democracy by my parents who came to Toronto from war-torn Europe,” says Ron.

He has a Degree in Commerce from McMaster University and is currently enrolled at York University. He and his wife have two grown children and Ron likes to keep active playing hockey as a goalie and a lead when he curls.

“Ron Patava’s education, professional skills and his commitment to his community make him an ideal candidate to represent the people of Wellington-Halton Hills,” says Consensus Ontario Leader Brad Harness.

For more information, contact Ron Patava at [email protected]

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Cam Ecclestone


An experienced municipal politician, Cam Ecclestone is a trusted voice of the people he has represented. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, he brings over 50 years of business experience to any challenge he faces. Married and a father and grandfather, Cam has been a minor hockey coach and a big part of a mentoring programme in the Town of Collingwood where he resides. He puts fiscal responsibility high on his list of priorities as an elected representative.

“At 82, I continue to enjoy excellent health and have an above-average energy level. As part of my campaign to be your Simcoe-Grey representative at Queen’s Park, I have been asking residents what their top 10 priorities are. I believe strongly in the principles of Consensus Ontario including that all MPPs are equal and all are independent. Being part of a Consensus government, I would vote for what my constituents want and not what I want,” says Ecclestone, a former Collingwood councillor.

“We are delighted to have Cam Ecclestone as a candidate for the riding of Simcoe-Grey. Having represented the people of Collingwood for two terms, I personally believe that he would make an outstanding MPP in Toronto,” Brad Harness, Leader, Consensus Ontario.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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Damian Williams


Damian Williams has a passion for helping people and that shines through brightly in his professional career as a paralegal. Since 2015, when he founded Williams Legal Services, he and his handpicked team have been providing justice for all. In 2018 he ran for council in the City of Pickering and although he was unsuccessful, elected members and residents alike commended him on his strong campaign. His eagerness to represent those who call Pickering-Uxbridge home continues and the aspiration to make changes moves on as he seeks to become an MPP with Consensus Ontario.

“I am very pleased to be able to represent Consensus Ontario as a candidate for the riding of Pickering-Uxbridge. For many years I have been part of the Ontario Justice Education Network and am the founder of the Ontario Tenant Alliance which brings both tenants and landlords together and helps them resolve issues they may have. My work as a mentor through the Durham College Alumni Association is very rewarding and I believe that my commitment to such causes makes me an ideal person to represent those who live in Pickering/Uxbridge at Queen’s Park,” says Williams.

“Damian Williams is a true believer in education and representation. That is why we are very proud to have him as a candidate,” Brad Harness, Leader, Consensus Ontario.

For more information, contact

Damian Williams at [email protected]

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Adam Cherry

Thunder Bay-Superior North

An exciting and compassionate leader, Adam has lived in our great community of Thunder Bay-Superior North for many years now as a homeowner in Schreiber.

Adam lives in our community with his lovely wife and 4 children, which includes twins.

Adam post-secondary education includes graduating two times at Georgian College with a Security Guard License and a Police Foundations Diploma.

Adam early career had him work with many well-known organizations such as Vector Marketing Canada, OHL - Owen Sound Attack Hockey, etc. while excelling in a number of roles and also receiving many of their organizational top employee awards.

More recently Adam career work involved opening and running a Canadian Music Label which has received international exposure while Adam has been successful writing, recording, performing and generating millions of Song streams and Music sales worldwide.

Adam has previously been deeply involved in elections in Southern Ontario as a top Municipal Candidate opposing the DGR pollution at the Great Lakes, while supporting a strong economy.

Adam ancestry is genetically and politically strong which includes many former Canadian politicians and other historical figures such as Don Cherry and King James.

In his spare time he enjoys spending it with family and close friends in an open and a strong vibrant community.

Adam was born in Canada into an English speaking family, but has also learned new languages and enjoyed meeting other cultures in his lifetime.

Adam volunteer work has included coaching, training and managing hockey, and soccer minor sports leagues, managed many community festivals, as well as a volunteer involved with community safety throughout Ontario.  Adam has been a supporter to Easter Seals, the Salvation Army, the Kiwanis Club, the Arthritis society, the MS society among others.

In conclusion remember to vote for freedom and a strong future by voting for Adam Cherry member of the Consensus Party as your member for the upcoming 2022 Ontario Provincial Election.

For more information, contact

Adam Cherry at

[email protected]

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Masood Khan


For over four-and-a-half decades Masood Khan has committed his life to the betterment of his community. A 2014 Mayoral Candidate for the City of Mississauga, he is a recipient of a Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and a Certificate of Recognition from Toronto and Regional Crime Prevention. Masood is a university graduate, Editor and Publisher of The Eastern News, and is an experienced Real Estate agent. He and his wife are the proud parents of three adult children.

When people ask me why I want to represent the good citizens of Milton at Queen’s Park, my answer is this – I am a celebrated volunteer with a successful business record, and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of issues.

Since 1976 I have been involved with many fundraising initiatives and have sat as the Chairperson or President of numerous boards and organizations of which I am proud to be a part of. I believe strongly in the policies and principles of Consensus Ontario, including the fact that all people are equal, no exceptions. The biggest honour in my life, so far, is the fact that I have had a street named after me in Mississauga, ‘Khan Crescent.’

“Masood’s credentials as a volunteer speaks volumes and we are proud to have him as a candidate. He is a big addition to Team Consensus,” Brad Harness, Consensus Ontario Leader.

He ran twice to become Mayor of Mississauga, finished runner up against long time Mayor Hazel McCallion.

A celebrated volunteer, Masood is known as a prominent fund-raiser, raising funds for Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium Hospital,

St. John Ambulance and many other charities.

Masood firmly believes in merit, has a solid track record of volunteer work, experience and proven leadership, and he wants your well-deserved vote on 2 June 2022.

For more information, please contact me at [email protected]

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Paul Reddick

Toronto Don Valley West

Toronto matters to Ontario, and Paul Reddick knows this better than many.  Yet he feels there needs to be a less partisan way forward for the city and the province.

For more information, contact Paul at:

[email protected]

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Fred Fischer

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock

A long-time resident of Brock, Fred Fischer believes now is the time to make changes in Ontario, and he believes Consensus decision-making is the change that is needed for Ontario's future.

For more information, contact Fred at:

[email protected]

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Brian Dunlop


There's no straighter a shooter than Petrolia businessman and restaurateur Brian Dunlop, who has run municipally in recent years and is looking for anything that offers a better future for Ontario.  That 'better' is Consensus Ontario, says Brian.

For more information, contact Brian at:

[email protected]

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Paul Plumb


I am pleased to have the opportunity to not only follow in my father Al Plumb’s footsteps but to have the chance to govern in Queen’s Park as your MPP. My father was a London city alderman in the 1950’s and 60’s and his dedication to his community is one reason I have chosen to except this challenge. My wife and I are proud to have raised seven children in this great city. I have recently retired from owning Plumb Pianos and Music Store where I was a music educator and piano technician.

“It is time to end the adversarial relationships that now exist in both provincial and federal politics. The Consensus Party aims to eliminate party politics and truly represent our constituents,” says Paul Plumb, Consensus Ontario candidate for London-Fanshawe

“With a strong political heritage as his background, Paul is what Consensus Ontario has been looking for in a candidate.  An experienced businessman, he wants to get rid of partisan politics,” Brad Harness, Leader Consensus Ontario.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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laurel Claus Johnson


Laurel Johnson comes to Consensus Ontario after discovering that someone other than First Nations is using consensus decision making in Ontario. Laurel will offer voters in Kingston-Frontenac a new way of looking at decision-making for things like health care, seniors care, education, planning, highways and natural resources.

For more information, contact Laurel at:

[email protected]

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Dmitri Popov

Toronto Don Valley East

I have been married for 38 years, and have 2 children, both now graduated from Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.  During high school I was in a professional band for many years. The good pay and the enjoyment of being a guitar player was the reason why I did not go to Law School. While the Communist party was still in power in my native country back in 1989, I was very active to bring the government down. I had a personal political connection with the most active dissidents. One of them later became the first democratically elected president after the Communist party lost power. I did not try to pursue a career in politics and did not seek any government position despite my connections.

Instead, I started my own businesses – one a currency exchange and the other an import and distribution of household electronics for communication.

In 1994 my wife, two children and I arrived in Canada as independent immigrants. Having University degree in Physics-microelectronic my wife studied additionally 3-years, full-time, IT in college and was one of the 11 recipients in Canada selected from universities and colleges in that year who received a medal for achievements in education from the Governor General of Canada.

In the first years of our life in Toronto, I encountered social injustice and observed how a privileged group of people were benefiting at the expense of the ordinary people. I thought at that time they were isolated cases and strongly believed in our Canadian justice system and fairness in the government institutions.

My battle for justice began in the educated system. The next one was with an insurance company which cheated me. This one helped me to understand how Ontarians are being gouged by the auto insurance industry with the support of the Ontario government.

The third battle that took me more than a year and cost me immense stress in the Federal Court against a corporate lawyer predator. I was self-represented. At the end I was offered a settlement with an option to be given about $40,000 in exchange of a domain name that cost me $16. I refused, believing in the integrity of the court and determined to not submit to a bully lawyer. To me, the battle was a matter of principles and justice. Eventually I learned how much injustice there is in the court system.

The fourth battle that took me about 2 years and was for the right of Canadians who cannot afford a lawyer but were seeking remedies through the court system for damages caused to them by corporations. 

I learned a lot about the law applicable to our case. I also gained legal experience while seeking permission from the court to allow me to represent an individual who had to pay $11,000 for representation by lawyer just to fight for possible remedy limited to up to $5,000. Over the course of these proceedings, I found out many serous issues with the court that hurt public interests and impede our democratic processes. Moreover, I know the solution.  Caring for the common good, I started Canadians For Integrity in 2014; to learn more, visit

For the last 10 months I have been creating and distributing a newsletter (The Integrity Post) with information of great public importance that the corporate mainstream media does not want Canadians to know. The number of recipients now is about 3,000 people – lawyers, politicians, senators, medical professionals, union executives and members, etc.

I am running with CONSENSUS ONTARIO for a member of the provincial parliament because this party with its platform is the only one that (1) would be able to work for the benefits of Ontarians, (2) would not conspire with corporate lobbyists, (3) would not sell out public interests, and (4) would respect the rights and freedoms of everyone as they are enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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Dr. George LeMac

London North Centre

A world traveller, Dr. George LeMac has called London his home for over 20 years. He has embedded himself into his community and is a member of London’s Acron Housing Association which advocates for the right to decent and affordable housing.

He is also active in the work of London’s Global Importune which has helped raise funds for over 60 political prisoners from imprisonment, slavery and enemy occupation in 40 countries.

“As a proud Canadian, I have had the opportunity to represent my country in more than 20 missions abroad. I have travelled to Peru, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Mali, Romania and Cuba monitoring elections, human rights, women and children rights and inmates’ rights,” says Dr. Le Mac.

Dr. Le Mac has a Doctorate in Engineering and a Masters in Science.

“Consensus Ontario is honoured to have such a candidate with such prestigious credentials and feel confident he will represent the people of London North Centre with care and compassion,” says Consensus Ontario Leader Brad Harness.

For more information, contact Dr. George Le Mac at [email protected]

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Peter Neal


The growth facing Whitby east of Toronto is directly connected with the needs and priorities of this city on the shores of lake Ontario.  This region is all about housing, highways, immigration, and nuclear energy.

Peter Neal shares those concerns with the residents of Whitby, and is also worried about the way party politics distorts finding solutions to important problems at the Ontario Legislature.  A past municipal government candidate, Peter wants to be the agent of change and usher in Party-less Politics to Queen's Park and the voters in his Whitby riding.

For more information, contact Peter at:

[email protected]

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David Quigley


David enjoys living in the growing city of Barrie. He and his family like the proximity to Toronto and yet being next to the beauty and recreational opportunities on Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay and nearby Muskoka. The riding is a post-child for GTA growth, being on the edge of the GTA and seeing the impact of traffic, new home construction, and a need for more services for the burgeoning population. David knows those people all need proper representation at Queen's Park to ensure their voice is heard.

For more information, contact David at:

[email protected]

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Marco Ancinelli

Parry Sound-Muskoka

Muskoka is synonymous with four-season wonderland. Lakes, rivers, forest and vacation properties that are the stuff of myth! Yet Muskoka is home to real people, real folks of all ages who need a Consensus Ontario MPP representing their wants and needs at Queen's Park. This is where Parry Sound businessman Marco Ancinelli comes in.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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Malachi Male


Based in the city of St. Thomas, Malachi Male is one hard-working fellow. An entrepreneur with half a dozen businesses, he is the epitome of the old adage "If you want something done, ask a busy person." Malachi shares many Ontarians' concerns over the poor state of democratic representation in Ontario politics, and he wants to fix that for his riding as the Consensus Ontario candidate.

For more information, contact Malachi at: [email protected]

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Richard Jonasson

Kenora-Rainy River

Ontario is big, and Northern Ontario is huge, running all the way from the Quebec border  in the east to the border with Manitoba in the west.  Towns like Kenora, Dryden, Atikokan, and Rainy River are famous ones in the development of Northern Ontario, and they will become places of growth for the future of our great province.  Richard Jonasson wants to be the faithful representative of his riding at Queen's Park, making sure its priorities and needs - including those of our First Nations Ontarians - are not ignored among the urban hubbub from the Big 3 parties and their partisan infighting.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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